Storm In Emptiness

Produced: Modern Media Group
Production: Tim Yip Studio
Design / Story / Director: Tim Yip
Executive Director: Li Xiaoping
Visual Effects: Tobias Gremmler
Sound Effects: Benjamin Teare (Tim Yip Studio)
Lighting Design: Zhang Nan
Sound Design: Pan Bo

Walker: Chih-chun Huang (U Theater)
Female secluded: Shen Yili
War spirit: Qiu Jirong
Liu Ying: Zhu Zheqin(Dadawa)
Ling Song: Ani Choying Drolma
Rhapsody: Wu Man
White Dancers: Qian Tingting, Li Haocheng, Wang Jun, Ren Yuanying, Huang Jianrong (D.LAB Dance )
Drums: Su Yingci, Ou Guilan, Li Yanhui, Qiu Shangzhe, Yang Menru, Lai Yi Shan (U Theater)
Aerialists: Zhu Yuchao, Zhang Fangle
Special thanks:EXCEPTION

December 3rd, 2017, the Tenth "National Spirit Achievers" awards ceremony and Modern Media Group 25th anniversary celebration in Shanghai. Tim Yip served as the ceremony’s artistic director, and directed the opening show Storm In Emptiness, a multimedia performance combining video, costume, dance, percussion and Kunopera. Percussionists from U Theatre, Kun Opera artist Shen Yili, Peking Opera artist Qiu Jirong, singer and sound artist Zhu Zheqin ( Dadawa), singer Ani Choying Drolma and Pipa artist and musician Wu Man participated. Video design by Tobias Gremmler. Storm In Emptiness tells the story of a time traveller from a distant future where human’s in their current form no longer exist visiting fragments of human memory, from wars and natural disasters to love and longing.