2016 New star press Reformation:The Aesthetics of Tim Yip is the third book, following Passage (2008) and Connections (2013), in which Yip develops his theory of "New Orientalism", rooted in an analysis of his collaborations in film, stage, contemporary art, video and other fields. He reveals his own understanding of time and space, and reviews the aesthetics and philosophy at the source of his artistic creation.

Rotations: The Art of Tim Yip

2014 Esplanade Company Rotations: The Art of Tim Yip is the catalogue from Yip’s exhibition at Singapore’s Esplanade in 2014. Featuring an array of images from the artists various works across media, the book presents Yip’s development and creative process.

Silent Passenger

2013 Three Shadows Press Limited Silent Passenger is the catalogue from Yip’s exhibition at Beijing’s Three Shadows in 2013, presenting some two hundred photographic prints, as well as video and installation.

Connections: The Aesthetics of Tim Yip

2013 CommonWealth Magazine Group In Tim Yip’s “self, spread, style” essay, he announces “farewell to words, win with images “. Based on his observations taking photographs and designing for film and stage around the world, Yip argues that images will become the world’s common language in the future. In Connections, Yip introduces his theory “New Orientalism”.

Passage: The Aesthetics of Tim Yip and Film

2008 CommonWealth Magazine Group Passage: The Aesthetics of Tim Yip and Film is the next book after Connections: the Aesthetics of Tim Yip, to explore Yip’s theory “New Orientalism”, beginning from the individual, through art, and on to an exploration of time and history.

Red Cliff: Film as Art

2008 Contemporary China Publishing House From Han military encampments, warships, weapons and armor, to court dress and lifestyle in the Warring States Period, Red Cliff: Film as Art shows the research and technical processes behind designing for film.

Illusions of Silence

2007 Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing Group Illusions of Silence accompanied an exhibition of the same name, in 2008 in Beijing. For the first time, Tim Yip presented his photography, large-scale sculpture, and video installations, created over two decades, to the public.


2006 Ayuntamiento de Gijón The World of Yip Kam Tim: Visions and Creation was published to mark the Tim Yip’s photography exhibition at Centro Cultural Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos in Gijon, Spain in 2004. Here, Yip was celebrated not only as an excellent costume designer, but also an outstanding photographer.

Blue, Illusion

2005 Grimm Press Blue is a collection of Tim Yip’s photographs, with poetic commentary from the photographer. In the book, photography is a medium for the expression personal feelings. Blue is printed and bound with direction from the artist. The result is a delicate, collectable artwork.


2003 Zheng Zhong Publishing Limited Fire is a collection of twenty-three short stories of the apocalypse. The imagination reaches for and carnivalises death and fear of living. Childhood, dreams, memories of dying, the mystery of the self, and a sense of the abyss permeate every page.

Space Unknown

2003 Zheng Zhong Publishing Limited Space Unknown is Tim Yip’s third novel. The characters are lost in a hazy state, unable to remember who they are, and without a way back.

Flower of the Wind

2003 San Lian Publishing Flower of the Wind is a collection of Tim Yip’s essays on design and creativity. Dozens of color illustrations from Yip’s film and television collaborations, including Temptation of a Monk, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Oranges Turn Ripe, and theater costume designs for the Graz Opera House, Han Tang Yue Fu, and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre present Yip’s poetic vision in action.


2003 Zheng Zhong Publishing Limited In his second work of fiction, Tim Yip explores his imagination of time.

Rouge – L’Art de Tim Yip

2003 Editions Grandvaux In 2003, Tim Yip was invited by the Maison de la Culture in Bourges to give a career-wide exhibition celebrating the Maison’s twenty-fifth anniversary. Rouge–L’art de Tim Yip was the catalogue published alongside this timely retrospective, presenting Tim Yip’s creation in the fields of film, theatre, photography and painting, together for the first time in print.

Circulation – The Art of Yip Kam Tim II

2003 Commonwealth Publishing The next entry after Flower of the Wind in a creative journal, in Circulation, Tim Yip reflects on his latest collaborations, each accompanied with color illustrations. More than an account of the ins and outs of production, Circulation is packed with memories of first love, and a desire for an orient almost lost. Through writing these creative journals, Yip became aware of an eternal creative process he has since called Reformation.

Floating: Photography by Tim Yip

2002 Tim Yip has travelled around the world since the late 1980’s; Floating records his journeys through the lens of his camera. In the images he creates, he notices memory; that of men, women and living beings, and that of the city.


2002 Zheng Zhong Publishing Limited Roaming is Yip’s first work of fiction. With his unique style, he infuses stream-of-consciousness fragments with a sense of growing tension.