About Love Infinity

Artist Tim Yip, Oscar winning Art Director and Costume Designer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, takes us on a surreal costume ‘psychogeography’ trip through London in his moving image Love Infinity diptych.

Semi-documentary and Semi-fiction films explore through fashion and the arts themes of freedom and self expression, connection across time, establishment and antiestablishment, spirituality and the future with the likes of Gilbert & George, Andrew Logan and Vivienne Westwood, alongside a new generation of teenage Londoners. Real and imagined are superimposed in a method of filmmaking called Primitive Film, where the production is paired down to the director and his camera with only a small supporting crew, and the film is from a naive point of view, deliberately rejecting sophisticated techniques in favor of a directness resembling a child’s view.

Our companion on a journey from the gin soaked corduroy of Soho’s Colony Club to the glittering sequins of a Shoreditch drag show is Lili, an enigmatic character who splits London into two parallel versions. Semi-fiction and Semi-documentary operate together as the small wooden moon blocks used in divination, or the many-worlds interpretation in quantum theory. Featuring titans of British culture alongside new voices from the frontlines of a war in culture, Love Infinity invites chance readings from worlds as strange as the dreams of the person sitting next to you.