The Peacock

Artistic Director / Chief Choreographer / Lead Dancer: Yang Liping
Production,costume and image designed by Tim Yip

The dance drama The Peacock is in four parts: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It is a story about maturation, human nature, living and love as well as the interplay and fusion between life and cosmic forces. Each character in the dance drama represents different facets of human nature - light and enlightenment, dedication and sacrifice, fear and stubborn greed – which are all common features of Man. Human weaknesses are revealed time and again in the complex and painful entanglements faced by the characters in the drama, yet in the end, through dedication and love, they find the answer to life in the rotation of the seasons. This is at once a story about a peacock and more so an allegory for humanity. An ancient allegory on the surface, it is nonetheless aptly relevant to the vulnerable, conflicting inner soul of us today. In it we find love and hatred, crime and punishment, infatuation and disorientation, jealousy and vanity, forgiveness and repentance, enlightenment and coming to terms.