Lili began as a naked bronze statue labeled Desire. She wept tears of real water. Then she became more humanlike, with human skin-tone and articulated joints. She became Lili. Lili resembles a stereotypical eighteen-year-old Chinese woman. She nearly always wears dark glasses and has a variety of wigs and costumes.

Lili is created from Tim’s memories. Her story has been developed from the imagination of a future world where all human beings are gone and only artificial environments remain. The future is full of human memories, which Lili visits.

Not only a traveller in this strange territory, Lili is faithfully present throughout Tim Yip’s various working excursions across Europe, China and Taiwan. Her expression, though on the one hand fixed in its stare, is indeed completely flexible. In physical reality she is a manikin, yet she occupies a psychological space into which one can project from the deeper recesses of one’s own memory. She is a mirror, a cypher, a device, an inhabitant on the borderline with another dimension.