For more than 85 years, Swarovski crystals have commanded a starring role in some of cinema’s most memorable productions. Tim collaborated with Swarovski to create Shaping, a gothic corseted dress embellished with over one-hundred-thousand Swarovski crystals in black and grey hues. Shaping has been a feature in Tim’s exhibitions Reformation and Migong, at Power Station of Art in Shanghai and Essence Contemporary Art Museum in Chongqing. A hundred-thousand glimmering reflections prompt audiences to imagine an unearthly, nocturnal world.

I was invited to Swarovski's headquarters in Austria, and became fascinated with the production process. One crystal in particular made a deep impression on me. A kind of misty, dark crystal, gothic in appearance. From that moment on, I had always looked forward to using Swarovski crystals for artistic creation.”

——Tim Yip