This dark aquamarine dress is Tim Yip shows off an exquisite beauty perhaps you’ve never seen before. Just take a look and you’ll be seduced by its upscale elegance and delicacy. As the bodice is inspired by the qipao, also known as cheongsam, prevailing in the late Qing and early Republic periods, this iconic dress can bring out the wearer’s fullest shapely curves. Besides, there are slanting drapes, broad sleeves and embroideries with piped edges, which were characteristic of the mandarin gown back then - dignified yet flamboyant. The patterned openwork back looks so modish and is in tune with the classy woollen needlepoint and hand beading. Moreover, the skirt of this dress imitates the intricately pleated horse-face skirt of the Qing dynasty. And between the pleats are fine-looking purfles. The front side is abuzz with gorgeously embroidered patterns, and the edges are inlaid with dainty satin. The bustle and hip pad, the features of the elegant Victorian women’s clothes in the same period, are added to the dress, fully displaying the intricate pleats and embroideries and highlighting the classic women’s image in the West - wasp waist and round buttocks. And thanks to the modified skirt length, the wearer’s slender legs are exposed from behind, sexy yet elegant, echoing the openwork back.

The creation of Tim Yip is based on the combination of oriental and occidental aesthetics, and this work creates a unique experience as it overlaps and connects the oriental and occidental beauty in the same space.